United Capital Group (UNITED) is a diversified American impact group with a mission to solve the world’s biggest sustainability challenges. The group leverages a proprietary venture studio framework and a consortium approach to fund, build and scale mission-driven ventures that are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as poverty eradication, good health, clean energy, industry, innovation & responsible consumption & infrastructure and responsible production. 

As a holding company, UNITED owns and operates multiple international ventures that aim to advance financial inclusion, digital transformation, connectivity & internet access, ethical trading, principled entrepreneurship, youth training and knowledge-based economies.

UNITED stands for “Unified Network of Initiatives for Transformational Economic Development”. The Harvard Business Review defines transformational economic development (also known as Transformational Entrepreneurship) as an ecosystem of leaders and organizations that create sustainable, scalable and innovative solutions to the world’s biggest problems effectively combining high-growth economic impact with long-term societal impact.

Our vision is to nurture and grow a global ecosystem of such ventures and leaders that are united and dedicated to a common cause: to create significant wealth while driving positive impact; to empower people of African descent with the resources they need to become change agents and leaders in their communities; and ultimately to transform Africa from an emerging market to a powerhouse and a knowledge economy.

Today, the UNITED network reaches all economic layers, from banking, construction and technology to education, energy and real estate, with more than 20 portfolio companies and member entities, 150 industry experts and over 50 global advisors.


The UNITED companies foster a culture based on principled leadership, inclusion, community empowerment and mutually beneficially collaborations. Our values are the soul of our organization and we ensure they are reflected in each one of the global initiatives we build.

Knowledge Economy

Our ventures contribute tot he creation of high-growth African economies that are built on knowledge-sharing, skills development, innovative technology and IP, and information-based services.

Principled Leadership & Inclusion

UNITED is an inclusive ecosystem servicing all stakeholders of the African economy. From inclusive finance to healthcare, we build all our ventures and solutions with the end user in mind. As principled leader, we maximize long-term profitability for our businesses by creating real value in society while always acting with integrity.

Global Sustainability

We believe in making an impact in frontier markets by advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals such as poverty reduction, education, financial inclusion, good health, decent work and economic growth.

Global Connectivity

We are passionate about building bridges and connecting African entrepreneurs to global opportunities. UNITED connects multiple sub-ecosystems, markets and stakeholders that would otherwise not interact with one another.

Venture Building

We leverage and promote a proprietary venture studio model called N.I.C.E. (Network, Innovation, Capital and Execution) that allows us to scale exponentially faster by engaging the right combination of resources at the right time.

Network Economics

Network economics refers to business economics that benefit from the network effect. As the UNITED ecosystem grows across multiple industries, our aggregated impact increases significantly.


UNITED aims to enable knowledge-based economies, connectivity and human capital in frontier markets by facilitating the flow of relational, intellectual, financial and experiential capital through network economics.

Our thesis is simple: you never change the world by fighting the existing reality alone. You change it by building a new model that enables the best resources to work together towards a common goal and by inspiring a new generation of change leaders. This is what UNITED is all about: reshaping Africa’s socio-economic landscape by enabling a new collaborative framework that is radically transforming the way companies are built and leaders are made.


20 Companies

Our consortium regroups over 20 companies collaborating together to amplify the impact of our mission-driven initiatives.

150 Experts

Our network of industry leaders, investors, technology partners and global advisors is one of the world’s most effective ones.

10 Countries

We have an active presence in the US, Canada, India, Jordan and six African countries including Senegal and Rwanda. 

20 Partners

Our partners are established companies with strong track records. We also work with agile startups on innovation-driven initiatives.


UNITED is devoted to enhancing the lives of communities through innovation-driven initiatives.