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UNITED’s Co-Founder and Nexedi CEO Speak at World Health Day Symposium

Infrastructure & Real Estate

UNITED is active in the infrastructure and real estate sectors through Qanex, our founding investment and industrial consulting firm, and Cilcila Properties, our real estate development group. UNITED also powers a large-scale infrastructure initiative that aims to advance Africa’s economic development through an impact lens.

As a mission-driven consortium, UNITED supports multiple large-scale subsidized housing, highway and plant construction projects with African governments through various funding mechanisms and EPC services (Engineering, Procurement & Construction).

Cilcila Properties

Cilcila Properties is a residential real estate developer and property builder that operates in West Africa. The company is currently developing a series of new residential apartment complexes off the coast of Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire in partnership with regional financial institutions. Our residential properties provide African residents with an unparalleled quality of life.


Qanex Investment Partners is UNITED’s founding entity and a managing member of the consortium. As a Canadian investment consulting firm with deep knowledge of the EMEA market and strong investment expertise, the company provides deal structuring and funding mechanism services to a wide array of clients ranging from governments and economic operators to technology companies and investment groups. Qanex currently manages a series of industrial projects totaling $1 Billion.

UNITED is devoted to enhancing the lives of communities through innovation-driven initiatives.