UNITED drives last-mile connectivity and inclusive finance by deploying broadband solutions and Value-Added Services (VAS) for telecom operators (mobile financial services, gaming and entertainment). Our solutions are deployed in 50 countries, serve over 40 telecom operators and reach over 400 million mobile users in emerging markets.

UNITED’s telecom companies include Unicom (United Telecom Group), a provider of mobile financial services; Blutel, which powers 5G network optimization and last mile connectivity; and United VAS, a provider of media, gaming and entertainment solutions.

Through its affiliated brands and companies, UNITED provides telecom solutions to the largest network of Mobile Network Operators including Zain, Orange Telecom, MTN, Tigo, Etisalat and Airtel. The UNITED companies have disbursed over $40 Million in microloans.


Unicom (also known as United Telecom Group) provides Mobile Finance Services (MFS), Big Data and network optimization solutions to operators. Our MFS solutions include Airtime Credit, Beep Call, Microcredt, Microinsurance and Credit Scoring. These solutions are designed to increase the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of operators by creating alternative distribution channels while increasing mobile penetration. Unicom’s network optimization solution enables operators to deliver higher network speed (up to 5G) by leveraging our proprietary VRAN platform (Virtual Radio Access Network). Our VRAN solution powers several telecom operators, remote areas such as villages, and European municipalities. Unicom also provides analytics solutions to operators in partnership with United Labs, our data science company.


Blutel (Blu Telecom) is a provider of LTE and VRAN solutions that enables 4G+ and 5G network speeds with minimal OPEX and CAPEX. Our platform creates a cloud-based virtual network that can deployed in a matter of hours and that is compatible with the operators’ current infrastructure. The network solution can be implemented as a fully independent countrywide LTE 4G/5G-ready network, an independent network covering remote areas or as a complimentary network to support an existing network. Blutel also operates BLU, a consumer broadband network that is deployed in remote areas such as small villages and that provides low-cost broadband Internet access. BLU is a Pan-African last-mile broadband solution that is deployed in partnership with telecom operators, impact investors and governments.

United VAS

United VAS provides Value-Added Services (VAS) to telecom operators under a white label and revenue-sharing model. Our VAS solutions include carrier billing, mobile marketing, mobile gaming, Ring-Back Tones (RBT), entertainment, content stores and localized mobile content production and aggregation. The United VAS platforms are present in 22 markets and reach over 400 million mobile subscribers. Our entertainment and mobile content solutions are enabled by Disney, Sony Music, BBC and other leading infotainment providers. The platforms are supported by 100 full-time employees located in 5 offices in the US, Canada, Jordan, India and Africa. 

UNITED is devoted to enhancing the lives of communities through innovation-driven initiatives.