UNITED amplifies the impact of its portfolio companies by spearheading multiple initiatives that address sustainability issues such as Digital Divide, Connectivity, Female Leadership, Financial Inclusion, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure and System Change. All of these initiatives are part of Impact@United, our broader, flagship initiative that regroups all our large-scale projects to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As our umbrella initiative, Impact@United facilitates multiple large-scale impact projects and programmatic activities that are launched, operated and scaled by UNITED’s portfolio companies in a structured and coordinated way.


In the financial service sector, we initiated a Financial Inclusion initiative called Fintel that enables people at the bottom of the social pyramid (especially women) to benefit from inclusive digital finance solutions in the financial and telecom sectors. In the Media & Entertainment sector, we are launching an eSports initiative that will deploy inclusive games with an impact lens and an eSports arena in West Africa.

In the telecom sector, we are launching BLU, a last mile connectivity initiative that addresses Africa’s digital divide by bringing affordable broadband Internet services to remote villages and rural areas. In the investment sector, we are spearheading a $100M impact investment initiative that focuses on healthcare, technology and innovation in partnership with global impact investors. In the green and energy sector, we launched uGen, an initiative that connects telecom tour operators, governments and refineries with innovative green solutions.

In the Infrastructure sector, we are deploying Impact360, a large-scale economic development initiative in partnership with Washington D.C.-based organizations and international financial institutions. In the government and diplomacy sectors, we launched uGov, a United Government Initiative that provides strategic consulting, advocacy and national technology solutions such as e-visa and e-tax collection platforms to African governments.

UNITED also supports female empowerment through the Zara initiative which helps our member companies become more strategic about empowering female entrepreneurs and female-led companies such as FDEA, our partnering microfinance institution, United Press, our publishing house, and BRT, our flagship battery regeneration and energy storage company operating in Rwanda.

UNITED is devoted to enhancing the lives of communities through innovation-driven initiatives.